My very first entry for the ScoreSpace Jam #18.

A very simple puzzle game that combines some of the properties of a magnet which are ATTRACTION as well as DIRECTION.

  • This game includes a built-in game manual, so make sure you read it first. 
  • Sorry for some minor bugs because I'm a solo dev and worked on this game alone so I got to split my time between the game jam and my personal life. However, I have done my best to find and solve these bugs.

I would to thank to everyone who take their time to play, evaluate and rate my game. Your support is hugely appreciated. ^^

Rated 1.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorIkmal Said
Made withGDevelop, PixiJS
Tags2D, leaderboard, scorespace, Singleplayer

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Well, I got 100% of the pickups on the first try with the new update (5524000 points). The enemies are slightly too easy to trick at the moment and they deal quite little damage if they do get you. Overall the game feels a lot smoother and well rounded than during the jam anyway. So the update was well done. Personally my gut reaction as game designer would be to.
- make enemies also move when they're not targeting you (in random directions)
- make them return to their random movement state if you move too far away
- Give the boost a cooldown instead of charges
- Increase enemy damage
You don't have to make another update of course. Just giving my feedback :)

Thanks for trying the update! You as well as the others have been a great help for me to build a better game. ^^