My first ever entry to the GDevelop Examples Jam #1.

A simple example to show how easy to implement a simple achievement system that can be benefitted by the players to achieve their accomplishments.

While in the menu screens, use your mouse to navigate.

While in the game, use your arrow keys to move left and right. In order to jump, press the space bar key.

Thank you for your time playing, evaluating and rating my example game.


Download 35 kB

Development log


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Nice, should had a pop up in game when achievement is completed ;)

Thanks for your feedback! Sadly, I don't have enough time to implement it. :'(


It wasn't a lot of time to complete, but I think you've done a great job...very clean, and simple enough to easily get the concept. Look forward to see if you expand on it!


Thanks. I will do my best to expand it. ^^

Update: I have implemented a simple indicator when the player earned an achievement. :)